Mid-Missouri Summer Swim Conference

Fall Meeting

September 20, 2006


The following teams were in attendance: Boonville, California, Centralia, Eldon, Jefferson City, Marshall, Mexico, Sedalia.


Meeting was called to order.


Minutes of the April meeting were presented.Centralia made the motion to accept them as printed, Sedalia seconded.Minutes were approved.


Treasurerís Report was presented and approved.


Change of Events:Motion was made to change the wording on event #47, 48, 59, and 60.The wording will now be:

††††††† #47 Boys 8 & Under Butterfly††††††† #48 Girls 8 & Under Butterfly

††††††† #59 Boys 8 & Under Breaststroke#60 Girls 8 & Under Breaststroke

The motion was made by Centralia, Eldon seconded.The motion was approved.


Change of Constitution:

††††††† Article I #5 (constitution changing)-majority said that they like trial basis in spring.Motion was made to leave it as is by Marshall, seconded by Centralia.The motion was approved by all teams.

††††††† Article VII #9(event changing)-majority agreed that they liked the trial basis in spring.Motion made to leave it as is by Centralia, seconded by Eldon.The motion was approved by all teams.


Note was made that Article VII #6 stated that fees were based on league roster not championship roster.Discussion questioned why league roster versus championship roster and the answers were that it was a league fee not championship fee.


Conference Dues:

††††††† Discussion about what to dowith dues since account balance is so high.Ideas were shared about offering scholarships as a way to promote swimming.

††††††† Motion was made to suspend dues until next Sept. 2007 Fall Meeting and than reevaluate at that time whether we need to collect a fee and what the fee should be.Motion was approved by all teams.



††††††† Marshall stated that they will measure pool and make sure it is the legal 25meters.If it is not they will notify Jefferson City, President, and they will than notify all the teams.If Marshall is not legal 25 meters Championship will be held somewhere else, which will only change the league rotation.(UPDATE: Through e-mails Jeff. City notified all that Marshall was not 25meters so, therefore it was suggested that Sedalia be the location for Championship with Marshall hosting it.)


Team Manage & Meet Manager:

††††††† There was a motion that the conference purchase the updates Level 4.0 for Hy Tek Team Manager, Meet Manager and Record Keeping.Motion was made by Sedalia, seconded by Centralia.Motion was approved by all the teams and Joe Arbisi was elected to be the person to get the updates for the spring meeting.

††††††† It was noted that we needed to put on the spring meeting agenda to discuss if any team that had previously purchased the update wanted to be reimbursed or not.


Motion was made that for a trial basis of one year we keep the Treasurer the same instead of switching it year to year.The motion was made by Centralia, seconded by Boonville.The motion was approved by all the teams.



††††††† There was discussion about the date of championship each year, because there was no set date according to the Constitution.

††††††† One motion was made by Mexico to change the date to July 28th.There was not second so the motion was dropped

††††††† Another motion was made by Centralia to have championship July 21st, it was seconded by Eldon.Only Centralia and Eldon voted for it the rest of the teams were opposed, so the motion failed.

††††††† Last motion was made by Jefferson City to have championship July 14th, it was seconded by Boonville.All the teams voted for it so the motion was approved.


Championship Letter:

††††††† It was noted that the letter was out of date so Marshall said that they would update the letter.


Lane Cards:

††††††† A suggestion was made that all the teams use lane cards for the meets.


Meet Entries:

††††††† It was noted that all teams need to get there entries to the home teams on time to make the meet run smoother.


Extending Season:

††††††† It was mentioned that if any team wanted to extend there season they could do so by contact other teams that would possibly by interested in swimming with them.


Future Agenda (Fall Meeting 2007):

††††††† It was noted that we would need to discuss a possible change to the Constitution that copies of roster would go to Secretary while the fees would go to the Treasure if we were to keep the Treasurer the same year to year.


Motion was made by Centralia to adjourn.

Meeting was adjourned with next Meeting set for Wednesday, April 18th.