Mid-Missouri Summer Swim Conference

Spring Meeting

April 19, 2006



All teams were in attendance.


Centralia called the meeting to order.


Minutes of the Sept. meeting were presented.  Centralia questioned who voted for them on the motion of when to have championship since no one representing the team was at that meeting. 


Treasurer’s Report was presented, there was no change from the Sept. meeting.


Fayette had a question if  swimmers could swim up during Conference.  The answer was that the swimmer could during conference, but not at championship unless it was a relay.


Motion was made to change the title of events #47, 48, 59, 60 to 8 and under instead of  7-8.   It was brought up that we can only make changes to the constitution during the Fall Meeting according to Article 7.  The Spring Meeting is for setting the calendar.  Another motion was made to try this on a trial basis for the summer of 2006.  The motion was to change event #47 to Boys 8 & Under Butterfly, event #48 to Girls 8 & Under Butterfly, event #59 to Boys 8 & Under Breaststroke, event #60 to Girls 8 & Under Breaststroke.  All teams present voted in favor of this motion. 


Mexico had a question about Backstroke turns, it was answered for them.


Question about who is eligible to swim in championship.  The answer was they must swim in 2 swim meets during the season and be on the swim teams roster by July 1st .  Also, a swimmer can only be on one team per season, swim season is June 1st-July 8th.

Question about swimming in 2 meets if a meet is cancelled it does count towards eligibility, plus a swimmer can swim in other teams meets to meet eligibility.


Question about how many relays a team is allowed at championship.  Answer was unlimited relays.  Mixed relays must be during the boys relay events, but listed as mixed not boys.


Discussion that Roster and Entries are due by July 1st, no later than July 3rd.  Sedalia brought up the idea to have a meeting to turn all that information in.  It was turned down.  The host team was instructed to e-mail teams to remind them about entries and check being due.  The roster and check go to Sedalia (Sec. & Treas.) and the entries go to Mexico (host team). 


The schedule was set first meet was May 31st – last meet was July 6th.  Championship is Saturday, July 8th. 

Centralia brought up that they were needing a copy of the computer program.  It was mentioned that there was an update available for the program on the website. 

There was discussion about why there was a balance of $5000 and why teams were still expected to pay $5 a swimmer.  It was decided that we would discuss this at the fall meeting.  The Treasurer was instructed to check the spending for the conference and have it ready to present at the fall meeting. 


It was discussed that we needed to update the website information.  The Secretary was going to try and work on that. 


Don Smith offered to have a stroke judge official training for those who were interested.  Those who are interested need to contact him to set up a time. 


Any information that needs to be discussed at the Fall Meeting needs to be on the agenda and must be submitted by Sept. 1st to the President. 


Meeting was adjourned with next meeting set for Wednesday, September 20th.